Our Story.

Two friends, geographically distant yet united by a shared vision, started Tikel. It began as a platform to counter negativity with small acts of kindness. Initially designed to connect with loved ones around the world, Tikel quickly became a valuable tool within their own team too.

They started using Tikel to boost a team member’s spirits before a big meeting. To thank a team member for his sleepless nights to meet a deadline. To make a team member working with a challenging vendor laugh. To send condolences to a team member after her grandmother’s passing.

These simple, authentic small acts of kindness strengthened the team’s bond. They noticed that everything seemed to get better and easier. Communication, collaboration, problem-solving. These “little things” had fostered a close-knit team, even more united around their shared purpose than before.

Inspired by their experience, they thought: why not share Tikel with other companies too?