is on a mission to make people smile.


By making it easy to show your friend, your bestie, your brother from another mother, your favorite sibling, your second favorite sibling, your work wife that you’re thinking of them.


Because small acts of kindness matter. The ways in which we show the people we care about that, well, we care about them.


Coming soon(ish).

Go ahead. Get excited. And click here to join the fam.



Kelly Matthes

Founder, CEO & Product

Uri Avissar

Co-founder, Technology & Product

Susan Kresnicka

cultural anthropology advisor

Liad Bokovsky

platform technology advisor 

Shay Zandani

cybersecurity advisor

Arthur Bastings

growth advisor

Federico Frappi

Head of Mobile Development

Evelyna Urosevic

Project Manager & QA Manager

Alex Pershing

Front End Developer

Matteo Innocenti

Android Developer

Maria Mukha

App Design


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I Cry A Lot

I cry a lot. This morning on the bus, when this beyond-cute baby couldn’t stop smiling at me. During a coaching session last weekend, when I was confronted by a particularly uncomfortable truth. This summer, Read more…

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