Make your People Wellbeing Rewards L&D spend count.

Create the interpersonal connections that drive performance and impact culture.

More impact, less waste for your People budgets.

How well does your People spend really hit the mark? From gift cards to team building events, your People budgets can often fall short. Tikel is a platform that ensures your spend always hits the mark, each and every time.

Small acts of kindness to build a better, stronger team.

Small but mighty! Small acts of kindness support employee mental and physical health, foster employee engagement and enable authentic employee recognition. The happier and more connected your people, the better your business outcomes.

A modular platform that is always personal, always authentic.

One size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to an organization’s most valuable resource: its people. Tikel’s platform is designed to be tailored to any individual, team, culture or company. Because when your people feel seen, they are more likely to feel valued.

Privacy is at our core.

Tikel’s platform has been designed to be 100% anonymous. No private data or personally identifiable information (PII) is accessed or saved anywhere in Tikel’s system.

Underpinned by science-backed research and insights.

Tikel’s platform leverages neuroscience and psychology to drive the science of emotion. Tikel is at the leading edge of this space, from our patent-pending technology to our on-staff cultural anthropology experts.

Insightful, actionable analytics.

Take charge of your People spend and employee wellbeing. Tikel’s platform includes access to a suite of metrics, aggregated and anonymized, that help you better optimize your budgets.

Cost-effective approach to culture.

No upfront costs, no licensing fees, no per user fees. Tikel is uniquely positioned to address core workplace issues like quiet quitting, remote work, employee cynicism in a highly flexible and cost-effective way

The ROI of Small Acts of Kindness.

A Tikel-powered culture pays dividends:

Increased Employee

Emotional connection is a key
driver of engagement and the
psychology of happiness.

Reduced Turnover

People stay longer in jobs
where they feel seen and
valued as individuals.

Enhanced Overall

Stronger, healthier connections
lead to better productivity and
quality of work.

What People Say About Us.

"Working from home can be lonely. Tikel has become our virtual office high-five! We send quick notes of appreciation and celebrate milestones remotely. It's a small but impactful way to keep our team connected and motivated, even when miles apart.”

Software Engineer

"My best friend lives across the country. With Tikel, I surprised her with a heartfelt message and a small gift from a local store near her on her birthday. Seeing the joy on her face made my day! Tikel helped bridge the distance and create a memorable birthday moment."

Marketing Consultant

"I recently started using Tikel to help welcome new team members. It's a great way to break the ice and encourage interactions with colleagues. New hires feel more included from day one, and it helps build a real sense of community within the team.”

Company Director

"Tikel has become a fun family tradition! We use it to send random acts of kindness to each other. It's a playful way to spread positivity and strengthen our family bond."

Super Mom