About Tikel


Tikel is on a mission to power small acts of kindness.


Want to show your bestie you’re thinking of them? Brighten your colleague’s bad day? Put a smile on your brother’s face? There’s a Tikel for that.

How Tikel Helps Companies


Compensation alone is no longer an effective tool to address today’s key workplace challenges: quiet quitting, remote work, employee cynicism and the loneliness epidemic. With Tikel’s platform, companies are able to address the root of these challenges: how we connect to our workplace and to others in an authentic way.


Tikel’s platform supports employee wellbeing and engagement through small acts of kindness. Its patent-pending technology leverages neuroscience and psychology to deliver emotional connection in a clean, simple and authentic way. Small acts of kindness lead to happier, more resilient employees. And happier, more resilient employees lead to better performance and better workplace culture.


Some of the key benefits of Tikel’s platform:

Authentic, cost-effective way to address employee wellbeing and engagement

Flexible implementation

Quick and simple onboarding

Team Tikel

Kelly Matthes

Founder, CEO & Product

Uri Avissar

Co-founder, Technology & Product

Susan Kresnicka

cultural anthropology advisor

Liad Bokovsky

platform technology advisor 

Shay Zandani

cybersecurity advisor

Arthur Bastings

growth advisor

Federico Frappi

Head of Mobile Development

Evelyna Urosevic

Project Manager & QA Manager

Alex Pershing

Front End Developer

Matteo Innocenti

Android Developer

Maria Mukha

App Design


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