is on a mission to make people smile.

By making it easy to show your friend, your sibling, your partner that you’re thinking of them – we at aim to reimagine the way people socially connect and emotionally relate.


Because it matters. And the past couple years have kicked us all in the proverbial n*ts.


Coming soon(ish).


Courtesy of these dudes Timmy and Sundar and their app stores.

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Kelly Matthes

Founder, CEO & Product

Uri Avissar

Co-founder, Technology & Product

Susan Kresnicka

cultural anthropology advisor

Liad Bokovsky

platform technology advisor 

Shay Zandani

cybersecurity advisor

Arthur Bastings

growth advisor

Federico Frappi

Head of Mobile Development

Evelyna Urosevic

Project Manager & QA Manager

Alex Pershing

Front End Developer

Matteo Innocenti

Android Developer


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The Science of a Smile

Years ago I came across the idea that just the physical act of smiling can trick your brain into happiness. The notion itself is pseudo-paradoxical… It’s one thing to be hoodwinked by a third party Read more…

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