Think of a friend. Now – think of the last time you showed that friend you were thinking of them. How exactly did you do it? A coffee date? A phone call? A funny meme?

There’s this social theory called the Proximity Principle, courtesy of American social psychologist Theodore Newcomb. The premise is simple if not altogether obvious: we are more likely to form relationships with those who are nearby. For most of us that rings anecdotally true, and most especially so when we consider our childhood: those with whom we were most likely to strike up adolescent friendships were those with whom we spent extended periods of time, be it thanks to neighborhood or sport or school (looking at you Eugene 👯‍♀️). Social scientists even gave data-driven credence to the notion by studying 336 adolescents living in a small Swedish town, concluding that geographic proximity was “a determinant factor of friendship.”

Why? Why does proximity matter?

I’m no social psychologist – but I have my own theory here. That relationships are built and cemented and sustained not on a handful of big, grand gestures – but instead on armful after armful of little things and little moments. And that those little things and little moments see far more occasion with proximity.

That random love letter left next to your bedside table. That dinner party remembered not for the food but for the non-stop laughter. That unexpected coffee perfectly made to your exact preference. That post-breakup emotional support of late-night calls and late nights-out. That spontaneous hug for no reason at all.

Those little things and little moments – that make us smile and that make our relationships – those are our raison d’etre here at .

And it’s our mission to give them a digital home. Because let’s face it: proximity was a challenge long before COVID. Life is busy, and the world is bigger than one playground… but the little things and the little moments still matter. A lot.

Want to show someone you’re thinking of them?

Want to brighten someone’s day?

Want to make someone smile?

Want to make someone laugh?

For any reason or for no reason at all?

We at Team are here for you. And I can’t wait to show you what we’ve built!

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